As a candidate for Councilor in the upcoming Port Hope Municipal election, outlined below are the key issues facing our Municipality, potential solutions to these issues, and obstacles we will have to overcome to be successful.

Affordable Housing

To date, all levels of Government have been unsuccessful in addressing this topic. Yes, we have completed many studies and we know the problem exists, but little has been done to increase the housing supply.

Port Hope has recently approved the Provincial Governments' program for Additional Residential Units (ARU's), which enables property owners to build an accessory building (such as a Garden Suite) or structure, totaling three residential units, on their property.

The potential barrier to success is the ability of the Planning and By Law, Enforcement Departments to handle the expected increase in requests and be prepared to issue building permits, that concisely detail the requirements needed to meet the Municipal regulations.

I intend to provide the oversite to ensure the application process, does not get bogged down in red tape, by monitoring on a case-to-case basis if necessary, the application and approval process.

Riverwalk and Waterfront Enhancement

For the past year, the Riverwalk and Waterfront Working Group has been developing a Strategic plan for the improvement and enhancement of our River and Waterfront.

The plans are extensive and will be expensive to implement.

I propose that a portion of the tax revenue, generated, when the Municipality assumes the responsibility for the Mason Homes Development, be dedicated to Parks Recreation and Culture, for the next ten years, to fund both the Riverwalk Working Group Master Plan and Arts and Culture, in Port Hope. The estimated funding needed will be in the ten-to- twenty-million-dollar range.

Long Term Care

In my view, the current state of the physical facilities at Regency Manor and Port Hope Terrace are simply not acceptable. Due to the age of the facility and limited space, there are great concerns regarding quality of life for the residents.

I will be advocating to find an urban location, acceptable to residents, staff and the Long-Term Care Provider, so that this vulnerable segment, our neighbors, live in dignity and comfort.

Ongoing Council Concerns

The next Council will have to address several ongoing projects;

  • Working with business owners affected by the Walton Street infrastructure upgrade
  • Expanding the tax base to minimize the amount of taxes paid by current residents
  • Working with the School Board to ensure Port Hope High School remains open and viable
  • Enhancing the level of transit service.

No individual member of Council can do it all, we will have to be a cohesive team.